Day 6

06 Apr


This morning we knew we didn’t have to be up early so lay in bed until 7.30! Weather was very hot and sunny today so having no plans until after lunch we prepared to sit in the sun and bake our white skins to prove we have been in Kenya. For breakfast Clare and Dani had fried egg sandwiches which was a welcomed change, a treat even! We were going to have Weetabix until we noticed weevils were living in the box.
As we sat sunbathing around the table outside we were called to a meeting with Nicolas, Risper and Sam to discuss what exactly our money raised at Longbenton is going towards. We had concerns over which students we were responsible for sponsoring and how much their annual fees were at school. We also discussed the how we would go about supporting Arina further. A lot of previously unanswered…

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Posted by on Saturday 6 April 2013 in Kenya


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