Day 7

08 Apr


 The cockerel woke us up early. Like every morning we washed and went for breakfast – this time toast or a fried egg sandwich. We have now also got into the habit of taking our malaria tablets in the morning,  which is especially good for Clare as she is particularly forgetful (she blames her age). Kennedy, our friendly local driver, met us to take us to Arina and as soon as we sat down in the office we were told what class we were expected to teach  – Dani class 6, Kat class 7 and Clare class 8. We were all very nervous as we are used to having resources and technology as a safety blanket. As we entered the classroom all pupils stood up to show respect. Dani enjoyed teaching class 6 as they were all very well behaved and got involved, even if at first they were reluctant…

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Posted by on Monday 8 April 2013 in Kenya


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