Day 5

06 Apr


Day 5

We had an early start today as it was our first visit to Arina Primary School. As the staff at Karibuni don’t usually get in till a little later, we had to boil our own water for washing and make a start our breakfast.  We headed out to Arina, as usual with four of us squashed in the back seat (I’m sure it will feel a little lonely being in the back once we get back to the UK!). Like most local roads, the road to Arina is a mud track. Luckily it had not rained much last night so it was passable, if a little bumpy, for most of the journey. The very last bit of the journey however was made on foot; the road had been badly eroded by the rains and had huge craters running down the middle and sides.

As we arrived in the…

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