Day 4

06 Apr


We have had a lazy morning today, none of us have slept that well due to us getting upset about some of the stories we have heard. We have had breakfast of eggy bread and toast and then met 2 boys aged 12 called Issac and James. They go to a private school and when asked what do they like about school their reply was ‘the chance to learn’ they enjoy maths and science and want to be a doctor and accountant. We showed them photographs of our classrooms and pupils and let them listen to our ipod – their favourite music is hiphop and reggae. We also played snap with them. Issac then started to feel unwell and was sick and shivery so he went home to get his father or mother to take him to hospital. We then had time to ourselves to relax. Kat and Danielle went…

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Posted by on Saturday 6 April 2013 in Kenya


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