Swim School

04 Aug

The journey to school was fairly uneventful, although we did notice a few people casting fishing nets into the flooded streets. I’m not sure if they were trying to prevent rubbish blocking the drains, or trying to catch fish (I wouldn’t be surprised).

We couldn’t use the main entrance to the school, so I missed the spectacular entrance “parade ground” (for want of a better description). Photos of that when the sun comes out!

I had a wander round school with Brian (a retired deputy head who looks after everything and everybody), and saw how the flooding had affected some of the outside areas of the school. Doesn’t look like there’ll be any football or basketball for a few days!

Unfortunately, despite the school buildings being less than three years old, many of the windows haven’t been sealed very well so there’s a bit of flooding in some of the buildings, and lots of damp, mouldy patches on the walls.

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