A Bit Wet

04 Aug

We thought yesterday’s trip (which I’ll write up later) to First Pass Under Heaven and the Old Dragon’s Head was a bit damp, but we didn’t quite expect what we’d wake up to in the morning.

It had been raining heavily overnight, loud enough that I had to keep checking to make sure the windows were really closed.

When we got up and eventually thought to have a look out the window, sideways to the road, we then had to go out to the end of the corridor to check: waist-deep water outside the hotel!

Nothing we could do about it at that time, so we got ourselves some breakfast just in case the school bus turned up on time, then went and watched the entertainment outside, as various vehicles tried to get through the water, not always successfully…

Our bus to school eventually turned up at 9am, 1½ hours late, and we kept our fingers crossed that we’d make it to school and wouldn’t get stranded.

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