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Internet disappears; film at 11.

After some extensive network reconfiguration to get my Humax Foxsat HD hooked up to the Interweb, I thought I might as well upgrade the firmware on my router (Netgear DG834GT) while I was on. At this time of night? I should’ve known better…

I was downstairs, the router’s upstairs, so I couldn’t watch the blinkenlights, but the router’s web page got to the end of its progress bar and I tried to connect… nothing!

I found the router flashing its little “power” and “test” lights at me, but what are the chances of that meaning anything useful? A quick browse using my mobile phone (thank $DEITY for a backup Internet connection) revealed almost exactly nothing useful, so I went for the “power off, wait, power on” ploy. Works every time.

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