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Tidy Oiler

The tidiest Scottoiler installation I’ve ever done, and that’s probably because I’d only ridden the bike out of the showroom that morning…

Much inspiration was taken from AndyW’s guide, with a slight difference in feed pipe routing, plus mine’s a vSystem rather than an eSystem.

Dual Injector on a custom bracket fitted to the end bolt of the chain guide under the swing arm:Dual Injector

Oil feed house is routed around the inside of the swingarm to meet the brake/ABS lines…
Routing along brake hose

… and then continues with them under the guard that runs over the top of the swingarm…
Under hose cover

… and reappears in front of the hugger, to run along the swingarm…
Along swingarm

… and up behind the right panel to the oil reservoir:
Behind side panel

This is the view you’re met with when you remove the rider’s seat. There’s a frightening amount of stuff under there:

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Ham-fisted Idiot

That’ll be me, then.

First time on a motorbike for four weeks, and I’d forgotten that the roads have got colder, the tyres were cold, and the Falco’s just a little bit more powerful than the Elefant…

At least I got out of our street. Just.

Picked it up, restarted, rode back to the house, and taped up the indicator so it wasn’t flapping around. One of our neighbours was leaving for work just as I got back to the house; I still managed to beat her into Newcastle. 🙂

As well as the pictures, I snapped the end off the rear brake lever too, but I hardly ever use it so I’m not too worried…

Doesn't appear to be leaking, but that could be expensive.

Doesn’t appear to be leaking, but that could be expensive.

A bit of polish, that'll be fine.

A bit of polish, that’ll be fine.

Most of that will T-Cut out... maybe. The bottom bit will barely be noticeable once it gets some dirt on it.

Most of that will T-Cut out… maybe. The bottom bit will barely be noticeable once it gets some dirt on it.

Sacrificial end of the brake lever did its job.

Sacrificial end of the brake lever did its job.

Repaired with gaffa tape, for now.

Repaired with gaffa tape, for now.

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Worn-out Worm

After behaving itself impeccably the weekend before last, on my trip to the NABD Rally and other places, my Elefant disgraced itself last week by deciding that it no longer wanted to let me know how fast I was going.

Initial suspect was the speedo cable, since that’s normally the cause of this kind of problem.  I phoned up Venhill shortly after I got to work, but (fortunately, as it turned out) they denied knowing the details of this cable, despite me having ordered one previously, so I’d have to send my old one in so I could make a copy.

I never got round to checking the cable until the weekend, when the front wheel was off anyway to get new tyres put on (as well as chain and sprockets, and fitting the Öhlins-spring equipped shock that I’d had lying around for ages) . The cable’s fine: spinning it by hand makes the speedo needle flick. Next thing to check was the speedo drive, which turned out to be very stiff. A bit of cleaning revealed that a stone had got caught and jammed the mechanism.

Problem solved… but when I rode away from getting the work done, I did so at an indicated 0 mph. Bugger.

Further investigation this evening reveals that the metal drive ring in the wheel has worn down the tangs on the plastic ring in the speedo gearbox. I’ve bodged it for now, but who knows how long it’ll last… looks like I’ll have to get a new one, but where from?

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Ventura Rack and the Fast Fasteners

I’ve got to say something about the quality of service from Inox Fasteners

I’m trying to fit a set of second-hand Ventura L-brackets to my Aprilia Falco. Ventura were good enough to supply a set of fitting instructions, but I’ve got a feeling that they’re for a later revision of the L-brackets than the ones that I’ve got.

The instructions say that the centre bracket, which fits under the pillion seat between the grab handles, has threaded bosses to accept the original grab handle bolts… the one I’ve got doesn’t. I’m guessing that there should be some longer bolts for the grab handles, to go through the un-threaded bosses, with a nut on the end.

So, late last night (actually, early this morning), I placed an order via Inox’s website for some suitable bolts, expecting to get a confirmation and payment request before lunchtime today. Sometime after lunch, I realised that I hadn’t heard anything, so I sent an email expressing my concern, with the hope that I could get the parts tomorrow.

I was slightly horrified at myself when I got a response apologising for the delay due to a family bereavement… and then a further message saying that the bolts had been put in the post without waiting for payment! The normal payment confirmation email didn’t turn up until this evening, and I’m fully confident that I’ll get the bolts tomorrow and the Ventura rack will be nice and secure, well before the weekend.

So, for all your stainless steel fasteners requisites: Inox Fasteners.

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