day 2

06 Apr


We woke to an alarm at 7am and went to wash. The ladies at Karibuni had provided us with hot water so we were able to wash properly using a basin of water and a jug. Before breakfast we brought all of the donations out to show the staff and began dividing it up for the Girls’ Support Group and Arina Primary school. Breakfast was omelette and toast for Clare and Danielle, but not for Kat as she was busy being sick (mararia pills to blame!). After, we walked into the town with Dickens and Noven;  they showed us the shops and we saw the hospital, police station and courts. We bought some water, a Kenyan SIM for internet access, shook lots of hands (we are like celebrities) and had a constant stream of kids shouting “mzungu, how are you?”! On our way back to Karibuni, we visited Lillian’s house…

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Posted by on Saturday 6 April 2013 in Kenya


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