day 1

06 Apr

I’ll re-blog these on Clare’s behalf, as she hasn’t had a chance to do anything herself. Hopefully she’ll add photos and her own thoughts when she gets back…


Day 1

Jambo! We arrived in Nairobi after a trouble free journey, with all of our luggage intact. We got a taxi to Nairobi bus station – it was very hectic and busy and totally chaotic, with people were staring at us and taking our photos as we are “mzungu” (white man). Eventually we got on the bus for 3 hours – it was very hot and sticky. The highlight of the journey was seeing the Great Rift Valley opening up in front of us – amazing scenery.  After a 15 minute stop we were back on for another 4 and a half hours in total with no more rest breaks. The last stage of our journey was a local taxi with us 3 in the back and 4 adults in the front. This is apparently normal in Kenya and we were told that we should expect to see 6…

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Posted by on Saturday 6 April 2013 in Kenya


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