Make me one with everything?

21 Apr

I’m a little concerned about Canonical‘s decision to go for Unity over GNOME in Ubuntu 11.04; it seems like a very radical step to take, and could end up backfiring by putting off potential users for a long time.

On the other hand, if it works the way they’re hoping, it could be very successful and bring a whole new league of users to Ubuntu and, more importantly, to Linux. (As the joke says, “Change must come from within.”)

Personally, only one of my home PCs runs standard Ubuntu, and that’s running the LTS version, so I won’t see the change there until next year (by which time things might have changed). The laptops run Xubuntu, the HTPC¹ runs Mythbuntu (as of this week), and neither of those is going to start using Unity in a hurry. (Oh, and for the sake of completeness, there’s an increasingly-lonely Windows box, that gets used for my Nike+ uploads and a bit of development stuff.)

1. That reminds me, I must write something about the HTPC…

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Posted by on Thursday 21 April 2011 in Geeky stuff


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