Wot no widget?

01 Mar

Curses. I wanted to put my Nike+ widget on my blog to show off my lowly running achievements, but doesn’t allow Flash (amongst other things).

Mind, the Nike+ website seems to be so flaky that it probably wouldn’t work half the time. Or maybe it just doesn’t like Google Chrome, or trying to run the Flash components on Linux. It’s so broken at the moment that I can’t even get to my profile page to find the correct URL to add in here somewhere. Pffft.

Edit: I’m pretty sure the problem with the Nike+ website is a combination of issues with Google Chrome (it often doesn’t render at all correctly the first time it’s loaded, whatever the operating system), exacerbated by problem with Flash on Linux. Something to investigate when I get a chance, although there are plenty of people on the Nike+ forums complaining about problems with Chrome.

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